The Time Sellers (CD)


The Time Sellers are 4 lads from Chesterfield, U.K. who in a very short space of time have created a real buzz in their native North of England that's beginning to catch on around the globe. Comprising of cousins James and Adam Bull, Connor Pryde and Charlie Passmore, the band is passionate about what they do and refreshingly honest in how they do it. A live reputation where anything goes has further enhanced the opinion held by many in the know. The Time Sellers are the real deal, the sound of today's working class youth who stick 2 fingers up to the world and just play music how it should be played, raw and from the heart.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Truth About Lies 02. Another Summer 03. Where Did You Go 04. Who You Know 05. Good Times (bonus Track) 06. Last Time (bonus Track)