Rudy Schwartz Project - "Bowling for Appliances" (CD)


Bowling For Appliances was recorded in 1987 on a Tascam Porta One four track tape recorded, with the most primitive MIDI sequencing gear imaginable. Additional tracks were achieved through the use of “ping ponging” basic MIDI tracks to another two track tape deck with identical noise reduction, so that two additional tracks were available for overdubs. The two major problems with this sort of idiocy was that signal degradation occurred with each dump, and the ability to control the mix was greatly diminished. I’ve attempted to mitigate these problems with some minor digital tweaking intended to restore clarity, and boost weakly mixed vocals. The results are less than satisfactory, but I think they are still an improvement over the original vinyl release. I’ve also slowed things down ever so slightly to the correct speed, since the original vinyl was somehow mixed in chipmunk mode. One additional track from 1994 has been added (Mizzyluna), and another from 2005 (wailin’ Jack).
All tracks written, performed and produced by Joe Newman except as noted.
Ernest Borgnine Memorial Birthday Party and Mizzyluna were written by Lisa Cameron
Snot Mouth Tweedle was written by Steve Hoshor
Ben was written by Walter Scharf and Don Black
All other titles by Joe Newman, Rudy Schwartz Publishing BMI.
Copyright 2008 All rights reserved.
Cover art and digital restoration by Roy Tompkins, copyright 2008, all rights reserved.