Downtown Brown (CD)


2001 - 2011
Assailing all within reach in their spastic sideshow, the shape-shifting entity known as DOWNTOWN BROWN have radiated a legend so fantastical only Orson Welles could narrate their biography. Culminating in a weird mutant sound through rapid juxtapositions of rock, metal, punk, funk and experimental sounds, DOWNTOWN BROWN have forged a diverse sound that is as fully developed as well as it is broadly enjoyable.

Having hypnotized thousands throughout the Midwest with their outright stupidity and nostalgic 80’s-cheese-arena-rock live show, DTB have given new meaning to the term “laser-charged turbo fury.” An omnipresent, high-drawing act in their hometown of Detroit—but still humble!—DOWNTOWN BROWN have long pursued a grassroots mission to unite the eccentrics of the world by creating an environment where “no man shall feel stupid for wearing a giant foam cowboy hat.”

The quest has hammered on since 2001, with numerous independent albums along the way – all of which have garnered strong reviews from both international and local publications, most notably METAL MANIACS and PIT MAGAZINE. –