Luicidal (Vinyl LP)


Punk rock started to morph by the close of the 70s, as the rebellion
and anarchy of the NYC and UK hardcore scenes started to lose
influence, and this change was felt intensely with the explosion of
the LA/OC Skate Punk counter-culture. In 1983, Suicidal Tendencies
were kings, introducing a West Coast flavor that changed the orbit of
punk rock forever. More recently, original Suicidal Tendencies bass
player Louie Mayorga was feeling restless. He missed the rush of
being onstage, but first there had to be a reason ... new tunes, a new
message, with an old-school feel that would be worthy of the cult
following he enjoyed for over three decades. Along with four former
members of Suicidal Tendencies and a few other friends, Louie
recorded 12 new tracks destined to be classics in the vein of early
Suicidal Tendencies, but firmly moving forward.