Mius One - "The Kids Don't Skate Here"

  • Mius One - "The Kids Don't Skate Here"

Though the San Francisco-based trio had been making music since the early 1980s, this first ever full length CD did not appear until their silver anniversary and after inking a recording deal with DC-Jam Records.

The nine tracks from Dana Alberts (guitar/vocals), Mike Henry (bass/vocals) and Lliam Hart (drums) are as much a compilation as a "new" release, since it includes a number of hard-to-find nuggets from previous years. There are a a pair of bona fide classics - the title track and "Out of the Darkness" - with "Blindman" close to making it a trifecta. A neat amount of wit ("Bored Of It," "Dude! Someone Must Have Dropped You on Your Head") and a fantastic tribute to John Lennon through "I Remember John" show the premium placed on lyrics.

Arguably the standout band on Thrasher Magazine's 1983 cassette only "Skate Rock: Volume I," Minus-One is one of the originals in delivering wheels of fire for the skate punk sound.